Saturday, October 10, 2009

Radio 4 Appearance

I was featured in a Radio 4 programme yesterday together with fellow Westonian Nick Harding. Weston's New Pier recounts the story of... Weston's new pier, after the last one burnt down in the July of last year. The programme is still up on the Radio 4 site, and can be listened to again here if you missed it. Nick and I appear about halfway through. I attempt a Watney's Red Barrel rant about sunburnt holidaymakers eating saveloy and chips on the Beach Lawns, but I think Eric Idle would have done a better job...

Monday, October 05, 2009

Reading in Glasgow

I'm making a long overdue return to the world of readings this Friday, when I will be appearing at “Reading Allowed” at the Tchai Ovna Teahouse in Glasgow's West End. Also on the bill will be
David Manderson, Alan Riach (who is launching his latest collection), Janet Paisley, Donny O’Rourke, Dave Dick and Lynsey Calderwood. Live music will be provided by Wing and a Prayer. Kick off at 2000, all welcome.