Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Tarkovsky news


Here is a good article on Tarkovsky's Stalker, written at the time of the 4K restoration, released on Blu Ray and DVD by Criterion:


I came across this piece because I couldn't remember who was head of Goskino in the mid-70s - was it Filip Yermash, or Nikolai Sizov? (It was the former; Sizov was head of Mosfilm.) And my reason for this little bit of Ecosia-usage is that we are currently making a documentary about Tarkovsky's The Mirror, which will be released by Criterion later this year. 

I will post more details when we have finished the film, and when a release date has been announced.

Incidentally, there is a new edition of my book Andrei Tarkovsky in the works. This will be published by Kamera Books later in the year as well. The current edition (the second edition of 2011) is out of print, but the ebook version can be found here.

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