Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Illustrated Edition of The Cathars Finally Out in English

The illustrated edition of The Cathars, which has been available from Taschen Evergreen since 2009 in FrenchGerman and Spanish is to be finally published in English next month. The book is being done by Shelter Harbor Press. I don't have any more information at the present time, but hopefully this will be exactly the same as the Taschen edition, which was very nice.

In other Cathar-related news, I did an interview in London on Monday for a forthcoming Channel 5 documentary on Nazi science. What does this have to do with the Good Christians, I hear you ask? Well, my contribution is about the Cathars, the Holy Grail, and the German writer/explorer Otto Rahn, who visited the Languedoc in the early 1930s looking for the Grail, and various other Biblical/mythical artefacts. All very Indiana Jones - and some people see him as the inspiration for the Harrison Ford character.

Finally, there is to be a UK paperback of the book, due out next March. I'm not sure at the moment whether this will be an updated edition or not. There haven't been any major updates or discoveries in the world of Cathar studies of late - said grail still proving somewhat elusive. Anyway, I'll post more news about this new edition when I have some.

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