Thursday, March 01, 2012

New Story Out in April

I have a new short story, Dreaming at Baikonur, included in an anthology called Rocket Science, which is due to be published by Mutation Press in April. The book is an anthology of 'realistic and authentic hard science fiction' - as Mutation's site phrases it - and is edited by the redoubtable Ian Sales, who is blogging the book's progress here.

The book will be launched at Olympus 2012, which is being held at Heathrow over the weekend of 6-9 April (guests of honour include George R.R. Martin). Ian will also be at alt.fiction in Leicester on the weekend following (14-15 April), where a 'second-stage launch' may indeed blast off.

I'm not sure at the moment whether I'll be at any of these illustrious smorgasbords myself. I think I may well be on Jura during 6-9 April, for a screening of a film I co-directed (see my filmmaking blog for any possible developments in that area). Alt.fiction remains a possibility. More news when I have some.

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