Saturday, November 13, 2010

Music for Another World - Interzone Review

Music for Another World, which features my story "Deep Field", has been given an outstanding review in the current (Nov/Dec 2010) issue of Interzone. The collection is hailed as "an exceptional anthology. Ten of the nineteen stories are astonishing; eight are simply impressive." I'm assuming my own humble offering is in the "impressive" category, but that's good enough to be going on with. Click on the book title to buy a copy.

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Markhaa said...

Tush tush! We all know your story is not in the 'unimpressive' category! (Everyone in the anthology seems to be claiming the mysterious nineteenth story.) It's like one of those Stately Homes where there is window that nobody can find a room to. I put it down to the poor maths of the reviewer.