Monday, March 15, 2010

Amazon Author Page Now Up

Those kind multinationalists, Amazon, have now put up an Author Page for me. Very nice of them. Needless to say, it's a tad incomplete... They have (as of today, the 42nd anniversary of the release of Lady Madonna/The Inner Light) included the hardback of Alchemy and Alchemists which, as far as I know, is still in print and supercedes the two earlier paperback editions; the US edition of The Knights Templar, which should be avoided at all costs (horrible edition) - buy the new UK paperback version instead (even more Dan Brown-busting revelations from the Vatican Secret Archive!); and the first edition of The Gnostics, which is now more or less out of print. However, I've just finished a new edition, which is out in paperback in April or May.

 Click on the link (the title of this post) to view their handiwork.

For those who give a damn, a more comprehensive Amazon page can be found here.

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