Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Knights Templar in Paperback - Now Available

The new paperback edition of The Knights Templar: The History & Myths of the Legendary Military Order is now available. You can get a copy here.

The book is revised, mainly in the final chapter on Templar myths and mysteries, plus I've also added a new Afterword which details some of the new research on them. Interestingly, this research - undertaken by academics - seems to suggest that some of the myths about the Order might have some substance to them... 'No smoke without fire,' as the old saying goes.


Unknown said...

I bought this edition in the Singapore airport last week.

I was disappointed to see that page 87 is missing.

Is this posted somewhere?

- Tom Judd -

Sean Martin said...

Hi Tom,

Sorry to hear about your book. I think that may have been a copy from the very first print run of the paperback, as I was sent a copy missing p.87 as well. (p. 169 is also missing, and two of the maps are incorrect).

I thought this print run had been recalled and pulped and am surprised to find it on sale anywhere.

All I can suggest is that you write to the publishers and ask for a complete copy of the book. Or, if you send me your email address, I can send you the missing pages.

With Best Wishes,


Unknown said...

Thanks Sean.

I'll pursue this with the publisher and see where it goes.

Thanks for the quick response.

- Tom -