Friday, July 17, 2009

New Editions A Go-Go

The Knights Templar will be out around the middle/end of next month in its first UK paperback edition. This is a newly updated version of the book, which essentially means I've been tinkering with the last chapter again, and have also added a new Afterword.

In further developments that I have heard about on the grapevine - i.e. I found out on the net, not via my publishers - that The Gnostics is also receiving the paperback treatment in December. I'm not sure at the moment whether this will be an updated edition or not.

And while on the subject, there are distant rumours of a new edition of Andrei Tarkovsky planned for 2010-ish. (Further distant rumours suggest that I have in fact finished New Waves in Cinema at last. These rumours are sadly unfounded...)

In the meantime, you can always investigate the works of the great UFOlogist John Keel, who has just Left the Building. Recommended titles: The Mothman Prophecies, Our Haunted Planet and Operation Trojan Horse, while Patrick Harpur has some interesting things to say about him in Daimonic Reality.

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