Monday, September 22, 2008

TV Appearance 23/09/08

I'm appearing in a programme on British TV tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd September. The Trial of the Templars is on Channel 5 at 2000, and is repeated on Sunday 28th at 1100. I did 6 interviews for the programme, but whether they've used all of them remains to be seen. Apparently certain things have been cut, such as the footage of the Chinon carvings, which is a pity as they're fascinating things to study. Also appearing are Barbara Frale and Alain Demurger. John the Baptist demanded too high a fee, and hence will not be appearing in the programme.


jon ryan said...

Hi Sean, thoroughly enjoyed the prog. Well done!

Jon 'Shelby' Ryan (or possibly McFarlane)

jon ryan said...

Hi Sean. Caught your programme by chance - excellent!

Jon 'Shelby` Ryan. Or possibly McFarlane.