Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I have four poems in the latest issue of Fires (issue 28, June 2007). On another note, I make a fleeting appearance in Adam Thorpe's new novel. Not actually in the novel itself, but in the acknowledgments at the end. (Guess why!)

On far less exciting fronts, my next book will be New Waves in Cinema, due out next June from Kamera Books. I'm still doing the reading for it, and wondering what to leave out, as there have been rather a lot of new waves, and only 40,000 words to tell the story in.

And the news for parrotts: no work on Elias has been done of late. No parrots were involved. The Parrot Society of the UK cannot say for sure when Mr Martin will complete all or even part of his novel. They recommend Between Each Breath and Is This the Way You Said? by Mr Thorpe instead.

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