Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On BBC Radio Bristol on Sunday

I'm appearing on the Trevor Fry show, Sunday Starts, on BBC Radio Bristol this coming Sunday 29 April, between the ungodly hours of 0730 and 0800. (This means I will have to wait until 0900 for breakfast, but at least means I will be up in time to take my Mother and her flower arranging gang to the airport for 1130.) I will be discussing The Gnostics along with Trevor Fry and a local vicar, who is apparently sympathetic to the cause, which is a relief, as I was expecting the Enemy. You can listen online here.

On another note, The Gnostics has had a good review in the May issue of the FT. (That's the Fortean, not Financial, Times. A far worthier publication, in my opinion.)

And finally, something alchemical: today is the 625th annivesary of Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel's second successful transmutation, which happened in Paris on this day in 1382, at five in the afternoon. So, as the cocktail hour approaches, raise a glass of elixir in their direction.

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