Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Well, the Dinesen's turned up (I opted for the Penguin C20 Classic edition, now out of print, as it has a great Hammershoi on the cover), and I've started reading. The blurb on the back says that one theme runs through the whole book - that of Ariel - and that the first and last stories act as prologue and epilogue ('The Diver' and 'The Ring' respectively), so Lindsay's comment about how to structure Elias could well prove to be inspiring. Needless to say, I'm still reading the Stephenson (nearing the end of the first book in the first volume), and actually quite enjoying it, although whether I get through all 3,000 pages of the bugger remains to be seen. In between breaks from the Stephenson, I'll be studying the Dinesen, and then making copious notes. Or perhaps just a few notes.

The note-taking will be greatly aided, I hope, by some writing software I've just ordered from Amazon called New Novelist, more on which here. I thought it might help organise things a little better, and may act as an incentive - if any were needed at the moment - to get on with the thing. I'm also getting a second laptop, which I'll use more or less exclusively for writing. A bit of a luxury, but, again, anything to get it done. I shall certainly raise a glass in my own direction if I can do so, preferrably by this time next year.

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