Friday, June 02, 2006

Getting in the Zone

The Zone of course calls to mind, for me at least, Tarkovsky and Stalker, but here I'm referring to the difficulties of getting into the right mindset to write a novel. Put simply, over the last month or so, it's been impossible, due to commitments to my book on Gnosticism and my new film.

Last month at Lindsay's group, I read some poems, rather than a new section of Elias, mainly because I didn't have a new section of the novel to read. We're meeting again tomorrow, and I suspect history will repeat itself.

Motto: don't take on too much at the same time! I thought I could handle it all, but I'm afraid to say, men in white coats have been spotted outside my front window... And, to be honest, I'd rather go to a Cider Farm than a Funny Farm.

So this will mean that Elias is on ice for the forseeable future, although I do plan to get a draft finished somewhen between now and the end of time. Which, if the Mayan calendar holds true, gives me another 6 years. Is that long enough? As Lindsay said to me a while back, after praising the overall idea, 'it might take you years.' Maybe he knows a wise woman or two who could read my tea leaves and find out. Must ask him on Saturday...

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