Saturday, November 19, 2005


If you subscribe to the History Channel (which means, sadly, giving that nice Mr Murdoch some wonga), you will be able to see me in a new documentary called The Templar Code: Crusade of Secrecy, which has just aired in the U.S. It will be screened in Europe soon. When I have a date, I'll post it here. Meanwhile, the link above (Click on 'On TV') tells you a little bit about the programme. I was interviewed in the beautiful Templar church at Garway in the Shire of Hereford back at the end of May. Despite being a sunny early summer day, it was bloody cold in the church. I eventually had to say 'I'm just going outside, and might be sometime.' Luckily, we had enough stuff in the can by then and the crew followed me out into the warmth of the sunshine and we had lunch. Our host had read my Templar book, which was nice. He was an ex-BBC man, who'd gottten fed up with the Beeb and decided to decamp to the sticks to enjoy life. Good man. In the afternoon, Karen Ralls was interviewed in the far warmer and generally more convivial surroundings of the church yard.

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Seán Martin said...

Just heard from Marcy, the producer of The Templar Code. All she can tell me at the moment that it will air in the UK in the New Year.