Saturday, April 30, 2005

Finally... A Post about working on the Novel

I decided to take today off (currently working on another book for Pocket Essentials) to have a look at Elias and see where I stand. I have been setting myself ridiculous deadlines for the novel for ages, and had hoped to have completed the first draft by the end of last year. That, of course, was not to be, so today I felt like I really ought to just sit down and read through it, make notes, even just think about writing.

Make notes I did, but I also fairly painlessly managed to write 1,000 words, which is pretty good going, as on the days when I have been working on Elias (which have been too few and far between) I usually write about 500 words, which I would consider to be good going. So, after 1,000, I feel like I'm back in the saddle.

The section I wrote comes early on in the proceedings, when the new maid is shown around the house in Enkhuizen. Having visited there in January, I was able to slip in a few details about what she could see from her bedroom window (she's given a small attic room).

It's curious, though, how easy today's work on it was. I think if you get yourself settled, turn the music off, sit there in silence, then it will come. All being well, I should hope to top the 30,000 words mark this week, if I can have another 2 days like today. I still expect the whole thing to be around 80,000 words. I've started Part II, but Parts III and IV and the Epilogue are still only in note form at the moment.

So, if I can top the all-important psychological barrier of 30,000, it will be a case of, to quote Python, 'With this new novel well and truly under way, and the prospect of a good day's writing ahead, back to the studio.'

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