Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Good Doctor

I'm saddened and shocked by the death of the Good Doctor, the main man, Hunter S Thompson. According to his old sparring partner from the glory days of the Kentucky Derby, Ralph Steadman, HST was not in good shape after having both his hips replaced, and did not want to grow old and helpless. So he only had one option. I don't mind growing old myself - in fact I'd quite like to have a 16 year old girlfriend when I'm in my 70s, just to piss off Middle England (Middle Everywhere, come to that) - but the helplessness issue is understandable. I've just been through watching my father become increasingly helpless, and it's not fun. So in a way, HST, that most inspiring and indestructable of people, took the brave decision to end it before he got so bad that he was a shadow of his former self. It was his last work, his exiter book. Raise a glass of JD in his honour. 'We were somewhere on the edge of heaven, when the drugs began to take hold...' Dream well, Hunter. I'll miss you.

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